Egos in Small Town America


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Corinne Wiesner- Banjo/Piano/Main Vocals
Alissa Chen- Drums/Violin/Vocals
Mark Wiesner- Bass
Kirby Jayes- Guitar


released August 14, 2015

Maple Tree Studios- Brandon Kipp- mix and master!



Track Name: Egos in Small Town America
I'm a truth tailor, a story teller,
make me look good, make me look good...

We were good workers, loving and caring,
patient with your tantrums if you were patient with mistakes,
and I spoke of you well and you rumored and slandered
to you make you look good, make you look good
you told us you'd pay us, you told us and told us,
said we were doing great, then yell at and scold us
so I spoke of you well, but you rumored and slandered
to make you look good, make you look bigger

You're a truth tailor, a story teller,
make you look good, make you look good

No one keeps their promises here!
Except for your insults, and expectations...

You say,
"The kids don't know shit! They don't know how to work! The adults are just talk and they don't commit!"
So that's what you've got... That's what you've got...

You're a truth tailor, a story teller,
make you look good, make you look good...

It's a cheap place to live, but no money in it,
unless you're a bitter hater bull-shitter, take care of it later-er,
It offers adventures, but adventures are slim,
and I'm slimming down

You compliment in person and shit-talk when we're not around!
You're not alone... I too have partaken
stoopid noisy human trying to show off shiny crown!
We're all just talk, but you'll be the end of this town.

And you get turned on at the sight of your own flaccid dick
Make people watch... make people listen...
and you rose tint your glass so that you can cover your tracks,
Use guile and artifice to keep your position.

Force all of you out, force all of you out
Don't repress anything, don't repress anything, don't repress anything

It's cheaper than a counselor

Chords (mostly):
Gm C F Cm
then at the end
C and F
and then some Gm and Dm
and then eventually back to C a little bit between that Gm and Dm
Ends on F.
Track Name: Friends in Small Town America
My friends turn the lights off "when I fall asleep".
Helps to relieve my anxiety. Helps to keep me "fast asleep."
My friends turn the lights off "when I fall asleep"

Let yourself open up.
See what it means to be "let down."
Let yourself feel young and let yourself feel old.
They're gonna bury us in the ground.
We're gonna fail!
Track Name: Sick of Small Town America
I met Jackie and Rachel and I don't want to socialize.
I met Audrey and Jason and I don't want to socialize.
You said "smile for the camera" (look like you're having a good time)
But I am not a poser and I'm less concerned about the concerned looks from the others.

I'll be back at my job in two days and I'll be thinking about the future.
You'll still be on tour and be poor, but with parental support.
Half of your friends from home haven't all gotten sober? The other half aren't all slowly dying off?

Though I'm going to go on a ten day tour of Milwaukee. There'll be bluegrass bands and folk and hardcore too.
I'll write set lists so much I am covered in blue and black ink pen from my toes to my hands. I will show my teeth to anyone who talks when I'm playing. I will show my teeth to anyone who talks when I'm playing.

There's a beer on the counter waiting for me drink. It is cold and refreshing. It's cold and refreshing! I'll move somewhere there's a music scene. I am giving up on making one here I am giving up.

I'll miss it but laksjfaiwjeflashdflkajsdfliawejlfiasdf

I will kill myself if I have to give myself another drunken pep talk in a bathroom mirror. Saying hold it together. Smile and sell it.
Track Name: Negativity in Small Town America
=In my own world=
Watching crime shows and pacing alone is not that bad. I have time to learn things when I'm not socializing. It's not that bad.
I'll check my phone to see if I've missed any calls they're all from my mom. The only human being that wants to talk to me is my mom.

My roommate's coming home so I wont be alone for that long.

=The outside=
This town is flowing with sewage from the faucets into people's mouths. Not to make it more bleak, but there's a shooting a week. I just talked to a middle school meth head. Nobody cares how they look no one cares how they act. Nobody cares that everyone is talking smack:
-Talking smack about education
-Saying how you be fucking some women
-The poor are there because they wanted
-"Kill all the blacks"

Everyone's fat and they're hitting on me: bragging to me about having babies at 20.

=The delusion=
The grass is greener in your town where ever you are. There are rainbow waterfalls, a-sexual men born with out balls. The foster home kids know calculus. Every year the teens get fucked up less and less.
Track Name: Southern Comforts
I'm going to be sleeping outside in a week or two when its warm and I'm going to have the time to breath in some clean air.

That's not contaminated with the thoughts of what I've got to do tomorrow.
That's not contaminated with cigarette smoke.

When the snow melts I can take my short cuts again I can go through the hills that lie beyond the shed.

The short cuts remind me of my brother.
My brother is obsessed with the weather.
He says the cold is good though I might find...
It worth the while to feel a little bit warmer.

He will play his guitar...
From very far...
He is moving south away from Chicago!

I care more about my work
than visiting him -> I love my brother more than I love my work
I'd take on the winter any day if only to be nearer.
But I still don't think that I would visit that often.

The cold is rough because I can't get anywhere fast enough.

How sick of me to blame it on the ice, how sick of me to blame it on you!
I guess I'm good at making up things and I'm even better at blaming.

He says the cold is nice though I might find it worth the while to feel a little bit warmer. He says the cold is nice but I might find it worth the while to feel a little bit warmer.

******I'll see him soon, again, when we meet up.
In North Carolina in the fall
******Two peas in a pod, THANK GOD, I have a brother.
I know that he calls.